BRED PBT by Infinikey
BRED PBT by Infinikey
BRED PBT by Infinikey


BRED PBT by Infinikey

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A subtle version of Sanctuary Rebirth

A minimalist set using the same colors as Sanctuary. BRED brings you a classic colorway with familiar icon mods and fonts. A solid addition to any collection and enough keys to fit all your boards..

Featuring new homing key moulds (paid for by TheKey.Company) and produced by Infinikey (makers of Katakana Cherry PBT) Sanctuary Rebirth pairs a dark red and black keyset on thick dye sublimated PBT plastic.

PBT plastic is different from its shiny ABS counterpart. PBT has a much higher melting point, therefore can be treated with a process called 'Dye sublimation'. An image is printed on a film, the film is then laid on the keycaps, a press closes, and the image sublimates into the plastic.

Dyb-sublimation PBT Plastic
Cherry Profile
Designed by Jason of TKC & One Creative Mind

Not in Australia?
TheKey.Company (North America)
CandyKeys (Europe)
zFrontier (Asia)

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