[GB] Box75 Keyboard Kit

[GB] Box75 Keyboard Kit

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"A box that provokes"

The name, "Box", pays homage to a response from Japanese architect Tadao Ando. When asked what architecture is to him, he replied "Chohatsu suru hako," or "the box that provokes"; and the BOX75 seeks to do just that: a black box measuring 20mm thickness lifted by a series of interlocking thin frames.

A unique take on the shapes we've come to know and love. The Box75 is stilted and propped up by 4 steel or PVD brass feet that accent the top and side faces. Truly a beautiful and visually outstanding board in the current landscape of keyboard design.

GB End - 19 February
Estimated Shipping - Q3 2021

7 ° typing angle
Top Mount/O-ring Burger Moun
Anodized or E-Coated Aluminum Body
Mirror-Polished or Black PVD Stainless Steel Accents
PCB designed by Gondolindrim
QMK/VIA support, ESD protection

Top and bottom case
Accent pieces
Solderable PCB
Case and plate foam
1.5mm Aluminium or Smokey PC Plate
Mounting hardware and accessories

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