[GB] Aurora x Mizu AE (Aluminium Edition) Bundle

[GB] Aurora x Mizu AE (Aluminium Edition) Bundle

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Making waves

The bundle includes 1 set of Alumizu Base, 1 set of WS special kit and 1 Aurora x Mizu AE (Aluminium Edition) keyboard kit. The bundle is limited to 1000 sets globally.

Aluminium Case
Alumizu Base Kit, WS Special Kit
Aurora PCB06 (Iceland), Bluetooth and VIA supported
Hotswap “极光水” badge and badge base
PC plate
Stabilizers (6x2U, 1x 6.25U)
Silicone dampening pad between PCB & plate
Weight Pad(Use this if you are not using the brass weight)
Battery Pad(Use this if you are not using the battery)
Silicon Gaskets Set
Poron Gaskets Set
Keyboard storage case
Coiled USB cable (Matches case color)
Keyboard feet
Extra stab washers, screws, diodes, sockets, hex screwdriver

GB ends 20 June
Estimated Shipping Q4 2022

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