[GB] Aquila Keyboard Kit
[GB] Aquila Keyboard Kit
[GB] Aquila Keyboard Kit
[GB] Aquila Keyboard Kit
[GB] Aquila Keyboard Kit
[GB] Aquila Keyboard Kit
[GB] Aquila Keyboard Kit


[GB] Aquila Keyboard Kit

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Ultrawide beyond your moniter

Aquila has ultra-wide side panels, which makes it unique at first glance. After multiple rounds of proportional adjustments, we have chosen the current aspect ratio, the overall use of the golden ratio makes it look more attractive. The wide sides will not inhibit the operation of the mouse in use. It ccould even serve as a side hand rest, allowing you to rest your hands when you are tired of typing. Of course, you can also use your imagination to paint and paste stickers on it to make it more personalised.

In terms of details, the large chamfer is abandoned, and a very small c-angle is used to make it look like a box from the future while preventing those delicate typist hands from being hurt by a sharp edge. Its appearance does not have many decorations. Its beauty can be expressed by its proportions. In the design of the bottom, we abandoned the stereotyped large counterweight, and matched it with a square counterweight according to the theme of the entire simple box.

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Wired, Bluetooth 5.2 and 2.4G Wireless connection modes
6.5 degree typing angle
Gasket mount + poron+PE
VIA support
RGB backlighting
4000mAh battery

 Kit Includes
Top and bottom pieces
Gold weight, rose gold weight for pink units
Choice of PCB
2.4g receiver
type-c pcb
Knob pcb
4000mah battery
Silencing poron set
IXPE foam

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