Over 2,300 SKUs have been manually added into the warehouse system and a large majority of products have been taken off pallets and labelled, however, there is still more work to do. 

The DC team is working closely with the new warehouse team to streamline and standardise a fulfilment process. 

Please open a ticket if your in-stock order:
a) Was placed in early February or March and is still unfulfilled
b) Has not been fulfilled after 5 business days

The DC team will investigate and escalate your order with the warehouse team. 


We appreciate your patience during this transition period.



We're still working through the pallets of boxes but the end is in sight!

The warehouse have been working on orders, however, not all items have been listed and entered into the system.

This means that some of you would have received tracking while others are still waiting.

We're prioritising orders placed before and during the move, so we're targeting those items to go out this week. These are our priority orders.

Thank you for your patience with this whole process.



All the Melbourne staff have been at the warehouse every day sorting through pallets of boxes. We're about half way through the first shipment. This is the largest shipment, so we're making decent progress.

Thank you for your patience with this. It's a huge mountain of work, but every day we get closer to the end of the tunnel!



We will be moving our Sydney Warehouse down to Melbourne starting the 1st February.

As a result please expect delays of 2-3 weeks in orders going out whilst everything is moved down and prepared at the new warehouse.

Fret not, while there won't be an update to your in stock order's processing, our new warehouse will be keeping a log of all the catch up work when everything is up and running. If you have no update on your order by the 27th of February, please open a ticket.

We appreciate your patience during this transition period.

- The team at DC