New Year New Keycaps!

Update: January 2023

GMK has provided a tentative list of keycaps that will be finishing production and shipping to Daily Clack in the COMING MONTHS.
Please note this list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER and is provided as a reference to help reassure our customers that progress is being made and orders will be delivered.

If the Lead Vendor has started fulfilling a GB, that is a good indication that the items are in-transit to Daily Clack. We aim to fulfil orders as soon as possible, however, there many factors outside of our control. Being Australia-Based, we usually receive goods last since we are the furthest from most Factories and Manufacturers.    

Upcoming GMK Projects


Foundation Monochrome R2

Analog Dreams

Fuji Moomin


Hanok Moonlight Base

Botanical R2

Hazakura Oblivion v3.1


Houhai Panels

British Racing Green

Inukuma Peaches n Cream Lite

Classic Arabic

JAGs Pharaoh

Classic Retro Zhuyin

Kouhai Purple Night

Cyrillic Beige

Lazurite Red Alert


Lychee Red Dragon


Metropolis Redline

Earth Tones

Mono Yume Seafarer

Firefly R2



It is still early into the year and the GMK staff are working tirelessly to complete a record amount of GB projects. Plenty of work is happening behind the scenes, so if your set is not currently on this list, there’s a good chance it will be appearing in the NEXT UPDATE.

If you’re chasing a more specific update update, we recommend checking the lead Vendor’s website or the Designer's Geekhack post to see if there is some information.

Where to Find Keycap Updates:

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