[GB] GLITCH x FROST TKL Keyboard Kit

[GB] GLITCH x FROST TKL Keyboard Kit

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Make sure you select your PCB!

Live your sci-fi cyberpunk fluorescent dream with GLITCH. Breathe in crisp and fresh mountain air with FROST. You can have it either way, or both.

An all CNC stacked plastic case with CNC milled polycarbonate bottom. Silicone sandwich mount, custom silicone pad foot. All built to house a beautiful silkscreened PROTOZOA PCB, or a CFTKB.com Mysterium PCB of your choice.

Please choose a PCB as one is not included in the kit. All parts are orderable individually.

Stacked acryllic assembly
Mix-and-match colour kits
Houses Protozoa through-hole kits

GLITCH/FROST Top Layers - CNC acrylic (3)
Polycarbonate Plate - Frosted - ANSI + ISO (universal)
Silicone PCB Mount Sheet (Clear)
Polycarbonate Base Unit - Black Smokey/frosted clear
Stainless Steel Badge
Custom Hardware
Silicone Foot
Custom Carrying Bag
Protozoa Microfiber Cloth

P.01 Ultra PCB
Pre-soldered SMD components
Silkscreened Protozoa swirl
LED Underglow
Hotswap and solderable options

P.01 OG PCB - Through-hole Mysterium
Solder yourslef SMD components
Silkscreened Protozoa swirl
No LED underglow

GB End - 7 July
Estimate Shipping - Q1 2022

Not in Australia?
Protozoa (US)
AlphaKeys (CA)
Keygem (EU)
zFrontier (Asia)

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