Zilents & Healios V2 Switches

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Satisfy your ASMR needs with silent switches from Zeal

Do you find your keyboard makes too much noise? Well Zeal has a solution for you.

Introducing V2 Zilents and the brand new Healios switches.

An update to the smoothest stock tactile switches, the V2 round of Zeal switches aims to improve the tactile bump, while also improving the silencing dampeners.

What are Zilents?

They're silent version of the much loved Zealios tactile switches. The new stem design that aims to reduce the noise produced from friction between contact points, as well as cushion the bottom and top strokes.

This creates a much quieter typing experience. All the while, retaining a tactile bump that is seldom found in other silent switches.

What are Healios?

Essentially the silent version of a Tealio.

These are super new switches from Zeal, so the information on these switches is scarce.

Zilents have four weights to choose from: 62g, 65g, 67g, 78g

While Healios comes with a 67g spring

Weight is bottom out force
All housings are transparent

Sold in packs of 10

If price is something you're trying to keep down, we suggest joining the group buy over at ZealPC.net for quantities of 80 or more.