[Pre-order] Zealios & Tealios V2 Switches

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No fuss, just some of the best stock tactile and linear switches

That's where Zealios come in. From Zeal and manufactured by Gateron, Zealios are some of the most sought after tactile switches on the market.

With their distinctive purple stem, these switches have a nice, smooth, rounded bump. It's no wonder we keep getting requests to stock these.

So, what better time to jump on board and get some Zealios in stock than the Group Buy phase for V2 Zealios.

Zealios have four weights to choose from: 62g, 65g, 67g, 78g.

Each with their own unique typing profile.

In order to help accommodate everyone looking to go through Daily Clack for this buy, we have expanded the buy to include the linear Tealios.

Tealios come in 67g

What are V2 Zealios?

A few tweaks have been made to supposedly bring this round of switches inline with Pandas. That is to say these should have a larger tactile bump while retaining the smooth operation that Zeals' switches are known for.

This is all information from Zeal himself. V2 has not been released yet, so we won't know how they operate until we have them in hand, hopefully around December.

Weight is bottom out force
All housings are transparent

GB is closed. All orders are now Pre-orders
Estimated shipping time is December 2018
Sold in packs of 10 

Why would you buy from Daily Clack and not Zealpc.net?

We can save you shipping if you are ordering less than 100 switches and you're supporting Daily Clack and the Australian community!

While we appreciate the support, if you want to keep costs low, we recommend orders over 100 switches to buy direct from Zeal before the group buy phase is over.