[GB] Saturn 60 Keyboard Kit

[GB] Saturn 60 Keyboard Kit

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Vintage style beauty.

The retro styled Saturn 60 is a monolithic mass of beautifully powder coated bent steel. The raised forehead creates a wonderfully unique board in the current scene, contrasting the compact nature of a 60% form factor.

Available in four colours - all of which are reminiscent of retro tech. 

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Gasket mount
7 Degree angle
~2 kg assembled

Kit Includes
Top Case
Bottom Case
Silver Aluminium Plate
Silver Aluminium Handle
Steel Badge
Hardware and Accessories

GB End - October 30
Estimate Shipping - Q1 2021

Not in Australia?
Ace Keyboard Co (North America)
Candy Keys (Europe)

QC Expectations
There will not be any bending marks, sharp edges, or scratches on parts*
Textured and Gloss powdercoated finishes vary from part to part.
Characteristics such as "orange peel" and "picture framing" may be present.
All surfaces of the case will be coated so that no raw steel is exposed, with the exception of the clinch nuts which have zinc coated threads.
Sheetmetal has a spring-like nature to it. Each bend has a tolerance of +/- 1 degree.
Gaps between the top and bottom halves and where screw holes align for assembly will vary.
These over/under bends can be overcome by firmly bending the individual parts during assembly.
Keyboards are shipped partially assembled - small fastener marks underneath screw heads where they meet the case are permitted.

*Except raw steel cases - oxidation, scratches, blemishes and sharp edges are not considered QC issues

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