Saka Keyboard Kit
Saka Keyboard Kit
Saka Keyboard Kit
Saka Keyboard Kit
Black / Solderable ***SOLD OUT***
Saka Keyboard Kit
Blue / Solderable ***SOLD OUT***
Saka Keyboard Kit
Pink / Solderable ***SOLD OUT***
Saka Keyboard Kit
Green / Solderable ***SOLD OUT***
Saka Keyboard Kit
Purple / Solderable ***SOLD OUT***
Saka Keyboard Kit
E-White / Solderable ***SOLD OUT***

CMM Studio

Saka Keyboard Kit

Sale price$345.60 AUD
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Case Colour:

Case Colour




All anodised cases come with default black alu plate, e-white comes with brass plate. Default badge matches the colour of the plate.

You may recognise this 68 key layout from the Magiforce68, an OEM we've all met while beginning our keyboard journey. The Saka is the next evolution!

Made from CNCed aluminium this board is a great entry level custom experience, allowing you to pick colour, layout and plate material. The Saka is a sandwich mounted board which will prodive a firm and unfied typing experience. 

QMK and VIA compatibility means you can turn the 4 key macro cluster into media controls and macros all you like!

  • 65% + exploded cluster layout
  • ISO, Split backspace support
  • QMK/VIA Compatible
  • USB C
  • 5.4 degree angle
  • Designed by Freather
  • Case top
  • Case bottom
  • Badge to match plate colour
  • Anodised cases come with Black Aluminium plate & badge
  • E-White cases come with brass plate & badge
  • PCB
  • Mounting and assembly hardware

Candy Keys (EU)
DeskHero (NA)
iLumKB (Asia)


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