[GB] Mammoth75 Keyboard Kit - Brass Sandblasted

[GB] Mammoth75 Keyboard Kit - Brass Sandblasted

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You MUST check out with a  KIT PURCHASE - KIT PURCHASE. This is to allocate you a unit. Purchases only containing a colour choice will be cancelled.

A correct order will contain 2 items – KIT PURCHASE + the combination you want.

The limited run versions of the Mammoth75 requires support to add extras to your order after you have made it. Please check out with your kit purchase and colour choice and contact support to finalise your order if you would like to add plates, PCBs etc.

  • Full Mirror or Sandblasted Bottom Case
  • Sandblasted Diamond Cut Mammoth Weight
  • Special Gasket Structure with Daughter board

The plate PORON foam is the same size as the plate, and it will touch the entire bottom case to achieve a stable typefeel. There is an adhesive PORON sheet pre-installed under the PCB for a deeper, more pleasant sound.

  • Two magnetic knobs in each kit.

Each kit comes with an aluminum knurled knob with a CNC engraved pattern, and a plain brass knob with a radial brushed finish. Knobs have a magnetic base to make them much easier to swap out.

PCB Specifications:


Wired, hotswap, Supports QMK/VIA, split space bars, left/right split shift, backspace split, stepped/normal caps lock.


Wired, soldered, supports QMK/VIA, split space bars, left/right split shift, backspace split, stepped/normal caps lock, ISO enter.


Wireless, hotswap, Supports QMK/VIA, split space bars, left/right split shift, backspace split, stepped/normal caps lock.

Typing angle: 6.5 degrees
Front height: 19.5 mm
Top case material: Aluminum
Bottom case material: Aluminum/Brass
Mounting structure: Gasket Mount
Full aluminum kit Weight (unbuilt): 2.0 kg, package weight: 3.5 kg
Aluminum top case, brass bottom case kit weight (unbuilt): 4.2 kg, package weight: Up to 5.5 kg

Top Case (Aluminum)
Bottom Case (Aluminum/Brass Mirror PVD, Aluminum/Brass Sandblasted)
PC Plate
WS Stabs 6+1
PCB and daughter board
PORON gaskets
PORON dampener between plate and PCB
PORON foam between PCB and switches
PORON foam under PCB
1x Aluminum knob
1x Brass knob
Magnet base
Encoder holder
Screws and rubber feet

GB End - 31 January
Estimate Shipping - Q2 2022

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