DailyClack, as a vendor, places many orders with a wide range of different keycap manufacturers located at many different locations.

For reference:

  • CRP Hammerworks - China
  • Keyrelative - China
  • Signature Plastics - United States of America
  • Uniqey GMK - Germany

Each manufacturer will have their own production process and procedures; DailyClack has little-to-no control over how these businesses operate. DailyClack simply ships what is ordered and produced.

As keycaps are made from a technique known as injection-molding, Sprue Marks are hard to avoid. These marks are the locations where the liquid-plastic gets “pushed” into a keycap mold.

Once installed onto a keyboard and viewed at a normal typing distance, these markings are not visible and don't effect usability.

Different manufacturers have different techniques, so the location of these marks will vary.

GMK - Doubleshot Cherry Profile

The back of a GMK keycap

CRP Hammerworks - Dye-Sub Cherry Profile

The back of a CRP keycap

JTK - Doubleshot Cherry Profile

The back of a JTK keycap

Keyrelative - Dye-Sub KAT Profile

The underside of a dye-sub KAT keycap

Signature Plastics - Doubleshot SA Profile

SP SA keycaps can have sprue marks on any four sides


The back of a SP SA Row 1 keycap


The front of a SP SA Row 1 keycap


The sprue mark is not visible at normal typing distance