[IC] BOX Royals

Novelkeys x Kailh BOX Royal Tactile Switches
Photo by Novelkeys

Fill out this Google form if you're interested in getting some BOX Royals!

Novelkeys has paired with Kailh to bring a new purple tactile switch to the world, the BOX Royal. Daily Clack has the opportunity to buy these for us Aussies!


BOX Royals have been said to rival Zealios in tactility, however, we haven't had a chance to play with them yet. We're excited to be bringing these to Australia and can't wait to build a keyboard with them!


This is an interest check for anyone looking to try BOX Royals, to give us rough numbers on how many to order.


By being part of the IC you can secure yourself some BOX royals to ensure you don't miss out.


For the nitty gritty:

These won't go into production until June or possibly later. Money won't be collected until we've received word from Novelkeys.

Price for BOX Royals are to mimic the US price, which is 50c each. Converted to Australian dollars that's roughly 65-70c.

Shipping will be $9.20


Again, here's the interest check form for BOX Royals


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Check out this in-depth review by Kreilbit (he doesn't like any BOX switches)


Here's a BOX Royal typing test in a Fjell case.