What are [GB], [Pre-Order] &, FAQs

We get asked a lot of questions, so hopefully, this page will help answer them!

It's a work in progress and the more questions we get asked, the more we will add to this page.

If you have any questions that you would like answered that aren't on the list, you can send us an email: support@dailyclack.com

We also understand that emails are a bit slow at getting a response. You should consider joining the Daily Clack Discord. There's plenty of active members and should you need a definitive answer, the DC team can be found there with ease!

Also, the DC Discord members are all awesome!


What are [GB] & [Pre-Order]?
Group Buys or [GB] is the pre-production phase of the product - most commonly keycaps.

Think of it as crowdfunding, similar to KickStarter. Money is raised for the product during a set time period (most of the time a month long).

At this point, it makes sense to spread the cost between as many people as possible in order to target an attractive price point.

Given the nature of supply and demand, the price listed on Daily Clack during a [GB] is usually the lowest price you'll pay. Consider it a reward for being an early supporter!

So, what's a [Pre-Order]?
Once the [GB] stage has completed, we move in to [Pre-Order]. The order has been submitted and production has begun.

Daily Clack, like other vendors, order extras units. It really sucks to miss out on a group buy.

During this stage, we list our extras as [Pre-Order], helping you to secure yourself a set at a slight mark up. This prevents fighting for extras once they're ready to ship, and you also get it for cheaper than in stock price.

Sometimes, we also order a bulk of items and skip the GB phase. These items are cheaper and also marked as [Pre-order].

Once all the items arrived, they are in stock. Meaning it's no longer considered a [Pre-Order] and is therefore ready to ship. Usually within 1-3 business days.

Why do I get an error when I add items to cart?
Rama Caps and Deskmats arrive in a handful of months. Rather than have them sit on shelves waiting for GMK to arrive, we prefer to have them on their way to you!

Is there a GB Policy?
Listed on every page is the GB Policy. We've also included it here:

Group Buy Policy

Additional products added with this item will be shipped when this product is ready to ship.

This item currently does not have an expected shipping date, however, this once an estimate production and shipping date can be determined this page will be updated.

Sometimes things can and do go wrong, which can change this date.

You are entitled to cancel and refund your preorder, which means you forfeit any preorder bonuses.

By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that you understand and agree what is written above.

We appreciate you sticking around to complete the buy as this will help us when ordering.

The estimated delivery date has passed but the item is still listed as [GB] or [Pre-Order] is it ready to ship now?
We remove the [Pre-Order] & [GB] tag when the item arrives and is ready to ship. If they still have these labels on them, then the item is still in production and is most likely delayed.

Are there any extras available?
Yes, see the [Pre-Order] section above.

We do have a very small reserve if things go wrong. These are listed once GB & Pre-Order items have been shipped.

How do I add stuff or bundle things with my order?/Can I change my order?

Only in stock items can be ordered with other in stock items. Unfortunately due to Shopify limitations, orders older than 60 days cannot be changed.

To edit your order, please join the Daily Clack Discord, and open a support ticket. Alternatively you can email us at support@dailyclack.com

Please ensure you check your order is correct before you check out. Whilst our support teams will do their best to resolve your requests, we cannot guarantee your request will be seen before your order is shipped. Fulfilment and support are working on different timelines and as such if your order has been fulfilled we are unable to edit your order.

Where are you located?
Daily Clack is proudly Australian! We're located in Melbourne Australia, and while we do not have a store, we look for as many ways as possible to help the mechanical keyboard community grow.

Are the prices in AUD?
Yes. They don't look as nice as USD but we don't want you to have to convert your money.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do. Our international shipping prices start at $10 for 250g. Limitations on shipping are:

United Kingdom order minimums are $235 AUD
Malaysia shipping is only via AusPost

Will you get ___ in?
If there's demand for it, we will do our best to make it available to you!


We reserve the right to cancel Group Buy and Pre-Orders

Obviously would prefer to work with you to ensure a smooth and effortless group buy experience.