Zealios V2 Tester Pack

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Zeal's V2 Switch Tester Packs!

Due to popular demand, Daily Clack is now offering Zeal V2 switch tester packs.

Work out which Zeal Switch is best for you by picking up a Zeal V2 tester pack.

There are two test types available, Regular, and Silent packs.

You can grab a Laser_Ninja 2x2 tester here

Regular pack contains 3x Zealios + 1x Tealios for a total of 4 switches
Silent pack contains 4x Zilents + 1x Sakurios for a total of 5 switches

Zealios + Tealios (4 Switches)
Zealios - Tactile - 62g, 67g, 78g
Tealios - Linear - 67g

Zilents + Sakurios (5 Switches)
Zilent - Tactile - 62g, 65g, 67g, 78g
Sakurios - Linear - 62g

Weight is bottom out force
All housings are transparent