Konpeitou Switches

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Konpeitou Switches

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Showing off Thic Thock's Magically Progressive Series

Introducing the new Konpeitou linear switches from ThicThock! Named after the popular Japanese rock candy called Konpeitou, these purple switches feature an extended stem to help improve the sound profile of the switch

These switches will have JWK JX stems installed and will come with extra POM stems. JX - a new material with lower friction coefficient (meaning smoother!) that JWK is introducing.

Konpeitous will come with 2 different stems. One is JX material and one is POM. If the stem has more wobble, switch the stem to the POM stem.

ThicThock MP Series 68g
Nylon Housing
JX stem + POM Stem
LED compatible

Not in Australia?
ApexKeyboards (NA)
Thic Thock (Asia)
MyKeyboard.EU (Europe)
EscapeKeyboard (OCE)

Sold in packs of 10