[Pre-Order] C³Equalz Screw-in Stabilisers

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C³Equalz has stepped up to the plate with these colourful screw-in stabilisers

Customise your build further by pairing these stabilisers with the colour of your keyboard.

These stabilisers don't just come in a wide range colours, they address some of the common problems that plague the current stabilisers floating around.

A pre-clipped design reduces friction points, while a high rise lip serves to prevent the wire from popping out.

Each 60% kit comes with
4*2u Stabiliers
6.25u & 7u Wire
Allen Key
Gold Plated Wire
10 Screws
10 Washers

Estimate shipping - Late November

Colours available

Instructions for attaching screw-in stabilisersThe feet on GMK Screw-in Stabilisers

1. Slide the feet into the big stabiliser holes on the PCB

Inserting GMK Screw-in Stabilisers to PCB

2. Press the back of the feet into the smaller holes

GMK Screw-in Stabiliser affixed to PCB

3. Flip over PCB and screw in screws, repeat for other side of stabiliser

GMK Screw-in Stabilisers scred into PCB