DuRock V2 Screw-in Stabilisers

DuRock V2 Screw-in Stabilisers

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New and improved on an already brilliant formula

Refreshed, with a new pop-out resistant design, these DuRock V2 Stabilisers improve on some of the best high end stabilisers.

All you need to do with these stabilisers is lube, and affix to your PCB. Did we mention that washers are included?

Video credit to Idyllic

Each Alpaca Edition kit comes with
4*2u Stabiliers

Each 60% kit comes with
4*2u Stabiliers
Both 6.25u and 7u
Gold Plated Wire
10 Screws
Washers included
Full black kit contains Black Wire


These are PCB mounted stabilisers

Instructions for attaching screw-in stabilisersThe feet on GMK Screw-in Stabilisers

1. Slide the feet into the big stabiliser holes on the PCB

Inserting GMK Screw-in Stabilisers to PCB

2. Press the back of the feet into the smaller holes

GMK Screw-in Stabiliser affixed to PCB

3. Flip over PCB and screw in screws, repeat for other side of stabiliser

GMK Screw-in Stabilisers scred into PCB