T1 Tactile Switches

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Pre-travel with a large tactile bump

While the origins of this switch is up in the air, there's something undeniably great about the T1s.

They've got a small amount of pre-travel and a large, rounded bump, akin to other high end tactile switches - just without the price tag.

The 67g spring is gold plated, just like the pins and there's stabilising pins for those looking to go plate-less.

Have we mentioned how much we like the housing for switch mods? Whack in some Halo stems, and you've got some very nice tactile switches. Looking for clicky? Perhaps some Phoenix stems...

Great stock but even better with some 206!

Tactile 67g
PCB Mount - 5pin
LED compatible
Gold plated spring
Polycarb housing

Sold in packs of 10