Melbourne Meet Up September 2018

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Melbourne Meet Up is over!

Thank you to everyone who could attend. Check out the video of the event below by the very talented TaeKeyboards!


It's nearly time for the second Melbourne mechanical meet up for 2018.

With attendance growing each time, we've opted for a venue that should fit 160 people.

Now, as this is a bar, they do serve alcohol. But there is a catch. This is an all ages event, and that means GG EZ Bar can't serve alcohol while the minors are in the venue. So, we will all have a drink when the event ceases.

Register if you're coming on the EventBrite page

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15 September 2018 - GG EZ Bar
Basement 93-95 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000


Bring the Pain | A Typing Competition

A typing competition will also be held using the one and only Pain27 PCB. This is a typing test like no other, and the fastest for each board takes that Pain27 home.

I will build 7 Pain27s with different BOX switches on them. So you will have linear, tactile, and clicky you can try for.


  • If you're the fastest for multiple boards you can choose one to take home, the next fastest person will then win that Pain27
  • Speed is key
  • No keycaps
  • 1 turn per keyboard (that's up to 7 turns)
  • $1 to enter the competition (proceeds help cover the meet up cost)
  • Honour system, verified by on lookers for recording each time
  • Have fun


Bring a newcomer raffle

We want to see the mechanical keyboard community grow. So, at the Melbourne Meet Up, we're having a bring a newcomer raffle. 

We've got at least a board or two to go to someone who currently doesn't have a mechanical keyboard.

There will be a list on the day that they will need to fill out. Keyboard prizes will be handed out on the day.

Grab Bag

Same as last meet up we've got grab bags. Though we couldn't get someone to make us a custom keycap, we do have a bunch of goodies for you to take home.

Some bags will have random prizes!

In the bag
Amtra PCB
Outemu Teal Switches
BOX switch testers
Cherry MX testers
2x Raffle tickets
Daily Clack Meet Up Stickers


Starting at 2pm, we will have a raffle for a whole bunch of items. We're still expanding the list so it's a bit hard to say exactly what is up for grabs. However, we can list what we do currently have available.

Tickets are $3 and can be pre-purchased from here. You can collect these on the day.

As always we have a limit of 10. I am leaving the amount of tickets you can purchase open if you want to bundle up for friends, if you buy more than 10 tickets per person, I'll need to verify them on the day. Otherwise you'll only receive 10 tickets.

Grab bag raffle tickets do not count to the 10.

KBD75 kit - Two Tone
Tina kit + GK64 PCB
GK64 + Wooden Case
DSA Drifter
Rama M6
The Board Podcast Artisans
JellyKey Artisans
Bunch of other Artisans
Cables by JujuCables
Cables by Dmac
+ More

There will be a for sale area. On the day, cables, testers, sleeves, +more, will be available to purchase.

If you want anything from the Daily Clack store, just us know before hand.

As always, BRING KEEBS