GMK Plate Mount Stabilisers

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GMK Plate Mount Stabilisers

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Help secure your larger keys with GMK Plate Mount stabilisers. These are genuine Cherry style stabilisers direct from GMK.

They affix to any plate, not screwing into the PCB. If you are looking for PCB mount stabilisers check out our GMK screw-in stabilisers.

We do advise you clip and lube these stabilisers. This will prevent any sort of rattle and help the overall operation.

Get GMK Screw-in Stabilisers here

Each GMK Plate Mount stabiliser 60% kit comes with

4*2u Stabiliers

1*6.25u Stabiliser


Additional stabilisers can be ordered

If you want a 7u wire with a 60% kit put it in the notes

These are plate mounted stabilisers

 Note: Inverted picture is for Daily Clack reference. Stabs will be black with steel wire