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GMK Bentō - Inspired by the Japanese culture, and the distinctive home-packed meal - Bento (弁当)

With an emphasis of the simplicity of blue on white legends, and just the right touch of pink flare, GMK Bentō can be customised to suit a variety of keyboard colours.

It doesn't matter whether you prefer the density of characters in the base kit (Roman & Hiragana characters) or the simplicity of just Hiragana keys, GMK takes pride in delivering some of the cleanest double-shot ABS keycaps available.

Included in the base kit are simple representations of the ideal Bentō Box.

To top it off there's also a spacebar kit and a couple of limited edition Rama keycaps; one's hand polished PVD brass and the other is anodised aluminium with an enamel fill.

There's kits galore to help complete your ideal GMK Bentō lunchbox.

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by biip

GB End - February 28th
Estimate Shipping - June August 2019

Not in Australia?
CandyKeys (Europe)
NovelKeys (North America)
zFrontier (Asia)

Base Kit

Kobe Kit

Spacebar Kit

Rama Keycaps

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