Cherry MX Retooled Black Switches

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Consistently smooth linear switches

Cherry has finally got around to improving their tooling. This means some of the smoothest black switches are available here in Australia.

It's this update to Cherry's tooling that has caused people to turn away from the coveted Vintage MX Blacks. Often sought after for their superior smoothness, Vintage Blacks were so smooth because of the consistent wear to each switch.

Except some switches had more wear than others. Retooled blacks address this problem with their consistently smooth switches.

These are some of the smoothest stock linear switches around, and many people use them in conjunction with other springs or housings depending on taste.

You can pair them up with other spring weights and thin lube to create your ultimate end game linear switch.

Model Number - MX1A-11NW-1
60g Actuation
83g Bottom-out
PCB Mount - 5pin (picture is old stock)

Sold in packs of 10