[Pre-Order] JTK Hana

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Estimate Shipping Date: April/May 2019

Light pastel colours to go with any keyboard

After waiting all this time, Hana has finally been run in Cherry profile. And, while the main group buy has started shipping, we're a bit slow to jump on the ball.

To make up for that Daily Clack will offer JTK Hana at a discount for anyone looking to pre-order a set!

Featuring a blend of white and purple, with a hint of pink, JTK Hana should feel at home on your keyboard. The novelty kit serves to supplement Hana by adding some unique green and pink icons into the mix.

These ABS keycaps are double-shot, ensuring that the legends runs from the top to the bottom of the keycap; virtually impossible to rub off.

To top it off, all JTK keysets are shipped within JTK's excellent trays.

Double-shot legends
Smooth ABS plastic
JTK keycap tray
Covers most keyboards

Base Kit

JTK Hana Base Kit

Novelties Kit

JTK Novelties Kit