GMK Clip-In Stabilisers

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GMK Clip-In Stabilisers

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Help secure your larger keys with GMK PCB Clip-In stabilisers. These are genuine Cherry style stabilisers direct from GMK.

We do advise you clip and lube these stabilisers. This will prevent any sort of rattle and help the overall operation.

Are you familiar with the toothpick mod? PCB mount clip in stabs can be notoriously unstable without a common mod to keep held in place. Slot these Stabiliser Wedges in to the bottom side of the clip in stabs keeping everything thick, solid and tight.


Each GMK PCB clip-in stabiliser 6.25u kit comes with
4*2u Stabilisers
1*6.25u Stabiliser 

Each GMK PCB clip-in stabiliser 7u kit comes with
4*2u Stabilisers
1*7u Stabiliser  

Each Stabiliser Wedges kit is sold in a pack of 12