Maze 64 Keyboard Kit

Maze 64 Keyboard Kit

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The right direction

Built for accessibility, Wuque has offered this snazzy little kit as a clean and simple pack for our new friends to the hobby. Available in two finishes this tray mount board has a peekthrough accent to take this board to the next level.

Keycaps and switches are NOT included.
Note: You need to upload the files to use VIA.

Maze64 User Manual 

Typing angle: 6 degrees.
Front Height: ~20mm
Weight (unbuilt): 0.83 kg
Alu Plate
Case Material: Aluminum
Mounting Method: Tray Mount
Size: 29.6 x11.3 x 2.95cm
Wired Hot-swap 1.6mm PCB with ANSI layout
VIA support: Yes
RGB: Yes

Top Case (Aluminum)
Bottom Case (Aluminum)
Alu Plate
Wired Hotswap PCB
Custom Carrying Case
Screws and rubber feet