[GB] TTC Matrix-01 Switches

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[GB] TTC Matrix-01 Switches

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Shipping Q4 2021

Matrix-01 themed switches

Available in a colourway matching GMK Matrix 01 we are happy to offer you both a linear and tactile version of these TTC switches. Thanks to their dust-proof stem design they feel super solid and smooth. Already producing both the NCR and Wild variants, TTC switches are hitting the scene with power offering some of the best switches on the market.

This time we are only able to offer boxes of 90 pre-packaged by the factory - a perfect quantity for a TKL. The boxes are great for storage till you receive that group buy you've been waiting on forever.

Gift Box
Contains 90 switches

45g, Creamy Top
Nylon Housing
POM Stem
45g actuation
55g bottom out
RGB diffuser
Factory lubed
Double stage gold spring
5 pins PCB mount

53g, Blue Top
Nylon Housing
POM Stem
53g actuation
63.5g bottom out
RGB diffuser
Factory lubed
Double stage gold spring
5 pins PCB mount

Group buy end: 5 October
Estimated Shipping Q4 2021

Designed by Matrix
Manufactured by TTC

Not in Australia?
NovelKeys (US)
Deskhero (CA)
iLumKB (Asia)

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