[GB] Hope75 S Keyboard Kit

[GB] Hope75 S Keyboard Kit

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Stylish 75s

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Please note: this is the "S" variant - see the "X" variant here.

The Hope75 keyboard kit is a premium gasket-mounted keyboard kit. It is designed to be screwless with a unique internal locking plus an external locking fixing method.

Both the PCB and the plate have been designed with many flexes cuts to ensure a soft typing feel and premium typing sound experience.

The rear weight of the Hope75 keyboard is fixed in a through-screw way. We adopted the magnetic footpad to cover-up the screws to avoid the incongruity of extra screw holes. It makes the surface of the keyboard look tidy and clean and easier to disassemble the kit. 


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Estimated Shipping Q4 2022

Screwless design
6063 Alu case
Gasket Mount
6° Typing Angle
Hotswap PCB with USB-C daughterboard
PC plate(flex cut design)
QMK/VIA Supported Hotswap PCB
ANSI Layout
Support PCB mount stabilizers
Poron Dampening pads
Hope75 keyboard kit Dimensions
Extra Soldered PCB: ANSI and ISO Layout

Case Top
Case Bottom
Case fixturing and hardware

Not in Australia?
DeskHero (NA)
mykeyboard.eu (EU)
Prototypist (UK)
Basekeys (JP)
Zion Studios (SEA)
Velocifire (RoW)

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