[GB] D60Lite x GMK Terror Keyboard Kit

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[GB] D60Lite x GMK Terror Keyboard Kit

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The legends of horror

The horror genre contains many different sub-categories - depending on your mood you can pick jump scares, thrillers, gore and more. GMK Terror celebrates a more nostalgic view of the horror world, capturing the spirit of ghoulish films which would scare you as a kid, but looking back aren't as terrifying as you remember. 

The spooky combo of purple and green contrast one another in a complementary colourscheme, an ideal pairing for an equally as spooky board. A D60Lite collab offered HERE is a great place to start.

Does not include keycaps or switches.

Typing angle 6°
WK or HHKB Layout
Gasket mount
RGB hot-swappable PCB
QMK and VIA supportable
Type-C USB

Polycarbonate Plate
KBDfans transparent stabs
2 sets of gaskets
Switch foam
Bottom silicone pad
Top and bottom case
USBC Cable

GB End - 23 November
Estimate Shipping - Q2 2022

Not in Australia?

Mechs&Co (US)
Ashkeebs (CA)
Prototypist (UK)
MyKeyboard (EU)
ThicThock (SEA)
KBDFans (Worldwide)

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