[GB] C³ Tangerines Rev2 Switches

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C³'s custom linears are coming to Daily Clack!

Limited edition, Rev2 C³ Tangerines. If you missed out the first time to snag some of these Gateron produced Linears, then look no further.

Daily Clack is now apart of the C³ Tangerine, this time with the addition of a new Silent version.

Both switches are 67g. Both with elements of orange, the original will still have milky tops with an orange stem, while the new Silent Linear variant will have orange housing and a green stem.

Made by Gateron
Milky Top/Black bottom - Linear - 67g
Orange Housing/Green Stem - Silent Linear - 67g
Gold Spring
PCB Mount

Sold in packs of 10

GB End - May 10
Estimate Shipping - July 2019

Not in Australia?
MyKeyboard.eu (Europe)
The Key Company (North America)