DIYKeyboards Switchcracker 2

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DIYKeyboards Switchcracker 2

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Got switches that you want to crack open?

We've partnered up with DIYKeyboards to bring the Switchcracker to Australia!

If you need to open your switches, the Switchcracker has you covered.

Whether you've got MX style clips or Kailh clips, this handy tool will be busting open your switches in no time.

Handy for spring swapping and lubing.

Comes with holes that allow this item to be screwed into place onto something like a switch modding station.

Opens BOX switches, MX switches, Zeal switches, Kailh switches, Outemu switches

Comes with
Multi Directional Prongs
Compatible with MX and Kailh housing
4 Bump ons

Goes well with
Lubricants & springs
Switch modding station

Made of
3d printed plastic