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Introducing the long awaited CandyBar by TKC

CandyBar was conceived as a versatile contender in the keyboard world to satisfy the lack of a compact layout without sacrificing functionality.

Available in both right hand and left hand versions, with options for any budget, from fun size to king size!

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You can order extra plates and PCBs here

Kailh Hotswap sockets
Minimalist design
CNC 6061
6 degree angle
One case, two numpad options
PCB support pegs to ensure the PCB doesn't come detached from the plate
USB-C Connection
Case measures 13.39" x 4.25" x 1.26"
Matte Black PCB with White Silkscreen
USB-C connection
QMK Firmware - Fully programmable layout
Right and Left hand versions available
Split Space, arrows, and many other layout options
Addressable RGB strip support

Case in choice of color
 Plate in choice of color
PCB in style of your choice (righty or lefty)
Black anodized aluminum standoffs
Black M2 screws

GB End - May 10
Estimate Shipping - September 2019

Not in Australia?
TheKey.Company (North America)

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